Saturday, 25 May 2013

Ducks with redeye

On my rambles the other day I came across a few ducks , First off Pochard,   

Two fine males no females about.

Thought I might have to get the redeye tool in action

Next up a fine male Gadwall

And close by a pair of Gadwall, some of the feathers on the male are beautifully marked.
  and not to be out done our friend the Mallard

He must be getting on a bit , he is dribbling.

And close by his misses with the kids, she actually had about 6 left but they where behaving badly doing their own thing all aver the  pond. consequently quite a few had fallen prey to crows and gulls.

And lastly by the coast a pair of Shelduck


  1. Were these seen around the Penrith area? Never had Pochard or Gadwall at Thacka! haha.


  2. No James only the Mallard, the rest at Leighton,
    All the best mate, Gordon.

  3. Hi Gordon, these are such pretty ducks! I love the vibrant colors on the first duck! The male Gadwell is striking also; I think I've only seen females. Take care!!

  4. Thanks Tammy, can't keep up with you though.

  5. love when i get to see gadwalls here. the pochards are gorgeous!

    1. Yes the Pochards where looking particularly good that day.
      Thanks again Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.