Thursday, 23 May 2013

Back yard Birds

I put a few seeded bread crumbs out in the yard to see what would turn up but only got three species,
Male blackbird always looks striking with its gold ring eye and bright yellow/orange bill.

There has been no sign of the female, so hopefully she is sitting eggs somewhere.

Next to come down was Chaffinch, who didn't mind sharing the table with ,

Male House Sparrow, so we had male  and female chaffinch, House Sparrows and Blackbird.

The weather has turned very cold again, Fresh snow on the tops, and two roads blocked with snow in Scotland, welcome to summer.


  1. love your beautiful blackbirds!

  2. He is a really smart fella,
    Thanks. Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.