Saturday, 26 January 2013

Westies in the snow

I got an e-mail from John this morning telling me he had found 40 Brambling in the big Hawthorn hedge, unfortunately I didn't go into that area, and on my walk with the Westies I saw very little. The usual Corvids were about, a few gulls and about a dozen Lapwings near the snow covered flood area. One or two blackbirds added to the small tally and that was a bout it.
     So for a change I took pics of snowy scenes and the Westies, hope you enjoy.

The Westies enjoying the snow, the frost had created a thin crust which the Westies took to be solid, but then fall through it, it was funny to watch . Kyfer in front Misty at the back.
One lone Carrion Crow.
Looking across to where the Flood/flash use to be with a few Lapwing in the area,

Misty, I've really got to keep an eye on them as the area is alive with rabbits, and if they see one or get the scent of one they are away. And this is why I don't take them with me if I am doing an serious birding and photography.
Looking down an old track toward the industrial sight.

One of Mr. Bowman's carriage horses.
interested in the lens.
Ho no whats He seen now.
There is something about an isolated tree that I find attractive.

Kyfer, and again something has caught his eye. He is far more fun loving and mischievous than Misty and always ready to play games more than her.
Misty wondering what I'm doing with the camera. 
 Thank you for looking in TTFN.

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