Sunday, 9 September 2012

Being touristy

Skiddaw from Keswick launch landing stage.

Had a ride over to see my mate Les this morning, and as there is a dearth of bird life decided to play the tourist. So what follows is just a few tourist type photos.
     When I arrived Les was stood around  drinking coffee and chatting to the other  drivers before he took the 10-30 launch out.

Les on the landing, we took the right hand one out.

The sun was shining for a while and had it continued to do so all the rowing boats would be out on the water.

Looking South West, with more landings and Derwent Island in the background.

tourists beginning to arrive and do the usual touristy stuff, which includes feeding the ducks and geese.

I think he is trying to join google circles.

Looking South down the lake, with Cat bells on the right, then Robinson.

 And a more westerly panorama, and at this stage the sun had gone and didn't return, apart from a brief early evening spell before the rain set in.
Les at the controls, and our first drop-off and pic-up at Nickle End Marine

The Lady Margaret Rose heading back to Keswick.

A lone Cormorant sat on the dead branches, with Cat Bells in the back ground

Falcon crag on the right, and the tree covered Walla crag to the left.

And lastly Falcon crag on its own, well named as Peregrines regularly nest there
Well mini tour over hope you enjoyed it.

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