Sunday, 2 September 2012

A walk round the patch

They are well camouflaged, but there was 63 Lapwings by the old Thacka Flash this morning
I was quite a distance away and this was the best zoom I could get.
I went out with the westies first thing, then back home to do a few jobs, but the weather was too good to miss , so after removing all the dust from the camera and scope, I went out again covering the same area as earlier but this time without the Westies. I don't think I managed to get all the Lapwings in the picture and I know a few weeks back there was more about than this morning, but its nice to see they are coming back to the old roost.
           With the warmth of the sun it still felt like summer but there was definite signs of Autumn round the corner.
There is a good crop of berries beginning to show, all getting ready for our winter visitors.
They are going to be irresistible to our Scandinavian friends.

And all the thistle seed, just waiting for a breeze to help them on their way.

Green-veined White, but beginning to look a bit tatty.  

And on the main pool of the Thacka beck reserve, a juvenile Moorhen, one of a few about.

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