Monday, 22 August 2011

South of the border

The forecast looked good for today , and when I opened my eyes first thing the sun was already streaming through the window. So it was out of bed as soon as, breakfasted, took the Westies for a quick walk, threw all the gear in the car and set off South of the border, Lancashire to be exact.
           I made my way to Leighton Moss and after parking the car in the lay-by near the causeway I strolled along the causeway at a leisurely pace enjoying the warmth of the sun. From the Public hide there was approx 16 Greenshank on the rocky island with a few mallard, and the usual mixture milling around the rest of the mere. A Marsh Harrier took to the air at one point and floated lazily above the reed bed.
           Next I made my way over to the Eric Morecambe hide, and for most of the time had the place to myself. there was a good number of Lapwings on, possibly over 500. 1 Greenshank. 1 Spotted Redshank amongst the many Redshank. And 5 Little Egrets putting on a good show. Again a Marsh Harrier could be seen at a distance quartering the marsh.

A set of three Little Egret pics.
Two Grey Heron pics, it was stalking the Allen pool.

Just as I left Leighton Moss the sun went in, not good, as I was heading for Arnside knot in the hope of finding some butterflies. luckily by the time I got there it came out again so all was good with the world.
              After  a bit of a stroll around, I finally caught up with Scotch Argus, but as can be seen from the pic it was getting past its sell-by date.

Scotch Argus
Left, Yellow Dung fly, and right, Male  Common Darter.                   All in all an enjoyable day.

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