Sunday, 7 August 2011

Poor weather

The weather has taken a bit of a dive at the moment, a bit cooler of late and yesterday was pretty soggy, today a slight improvement but not enough to tempt me out other than taking the Westies for a walk.

The Westies enjoying a brief spell of  sun.

 Nothing happening on the flash apart from a good build up of Lapwings and a few Mallard. On Thacka Beck reserve its very similar, but with gulls and crows the dominant birds,

2 Lapwings being sociable with a Redshank on the Flash.
Sometimes I walk the Beacon but there is usually not a lot about, but on my last visit there was 2 juvenile Buzzards flying from tree to tree, while above them what could have been the parents trying to persuade them out of the wood for some soring practice.

Common Buzzard

Hopefully the rain will clear out again and give us a chance to get out.

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