Sunday, 5 June 2011

Third post in one day

Took the Westies out for their  morning walk and hadn't been in the house long when my phone went off and its Roy, "Wood Sandpiper " says the text, dam, its cloudy, looking like rain and I haven't even got the car. This means yomping all the way up to Thacker with all the gear in the hope of getting a half decent pic in poor light .

Wood Sandpiper,  by the time I got this shot large spots of rain are beginning to hit my back helped along by a stiff breeze

 Just one of a few Lapwing chicks that have defied all odds of survival
This is my first visit to the reserve for a long time as I didn't want to tangle with dog walkers that don't respect the new reserve.
I am really pleased the way its all took shape and its greening up beautifully, and its pulling in  the wildlife good and proper, Great.
So by 10am the rain is beginning to set in and with no proper protection for my equipment I set off home again.
At some point I'll put some before and after pics of the reserve, its really interesting

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