Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ctenophora Flaveolata

Ctenophora Flaveolata.
or to put it another way Yellow-ringed  comb-horn crane fly. There you go I feel much better now.
Well nearly at the end of May and this is only my 3rd post in a month, mainly due to the weather although there has been other factors. The above photo by the way was taken over at the Isthmus, Keswick, the insect had settled on an upturned rowing boat waiting to be refurbished. (the boat not the insect)
As usual I went over there because my mate Les had found a Great Spotted woodpecker feeding young and thought it might be good for photos. Well in the right light and weather conditions he would be right but unfortunately When I went over on Friday it was blowing a gale and very showery, the light was bad and also parents birds were being disturbed because of a large party of kids and staff from one of the outdoor centres, they were using a small beach close by and the noise was horrendous.
The day before a Gannet had been seen resting on the lake obviously blown inland with recent gales, but that's new for Derwentwater. The female Redstart has started flitting about which gives me the impression that they may have young now.

Mean while Back on the patch, not a lot happening on the flash just a few Mallard , the Coot is still sitting, although the water is rising so the hope the nest can float. There is nearly always one or two Stock dove about, and there was 4 Dunlin on the Thacka beck reserve during the week. Roy was up there Friday morning and told me about a Great Spotted nest at Cliburn, if only the weather would pick up and we could get out more.

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