Sunday, 3 April 2011

A quiet patch

More Spring flowers (Primrose)

There's not a lot happening on the patch at the moment, the Lapwings and Oystercatchers have mostly left for their breading areas, only one or two coming and going. A lone snipe was feeding  and showing well the other morning. Gulls mainly Black-headed and Lesser Black-backed come and go, and this morning the roof-tops on the industrial estate had a considerable number of the latter.  Roy text last night to report 2 Wheatear on the patch near the flash, so another species to the patch list.  And as I got out of the car yesterday morning a Greylag lifted off and headed South. Also close to the flash a pair of Magpies have built a nest right on the side of the M6.
In the backyard Crows and Jackdaws have been stripping bark from tree branches for nesting. And also Starlings have been taking the dead stalks from last years bedding plans in the window boxes for the same purpose.

The one and only Bob Dylan album I have in my LP collection I'm not sure Mr Colin Davies (St. Helens) would approve. Sorry Colin but I didn't get that deep into the guy, but did like his hits, hence the album.

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