Sunday, 7 November 2010

The last of the colours

Derwentwater & Causey Pike

Beech woods Derwentwater.

Had a look in at the flood these last two mornings , but its more like a small lake at the  moment consequently very little about, just a few Snipe each morning and a few lapwing, maybe half dozen of each. This morning there was a Buzzard sat on one of the pylons and 13 Waxwings flew over heading West and over the M6.

Yesterday I had a look in at the new development (the Penrith flood alleviation system) and after all the rain we have had this now looks like two small lakes and a small pond, if it stays like this it will be great, but it will take a while to mature, and there was only a few Mallard on yesterday.
On my second outing this morning I had a walk round Penrith on the lookout for Waxwings where they are usually found, but although the trees are loaded with berries no Waxwings, whereas other areas of Cumbria are doing well.
The only thing of interest this morning was this Blackbird with a partially white head.


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