Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sunny morning at the flood

The Flood this morning, looking approx. North-West with the constant roar of the M6 in the background, taken with 80mm lens.

As can be seen the flood has to be worked more or less using a scope because of the distance.
Anyway back to the plot as they say, Last night my wife went out with the dogs and all three came back soaked as it rained very hard while she was out , and she came back with the story, hail-stones as big as golf balls ---? and I said balls too. However on opening my peepers this morning the sun was doing a great job, although I have to say standing up at the flood the wind was a bit on the icy side.
The flood has been a bit dead of late with very little activity apart from the usual flock of Lapwings, however this morning there was a little more of interest. The usual flock of Lapwings were there, although the whole lot lifted at one point and flew round as if they were going to leave but then circled back and settled again. Mixed in with them  was 6 Black-headed Gulls, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull and 1 Common Gull. Next I found the first Snipe then another, and so it went up to 7 . Then I covered the ground again and this time counted 10, the ground in places is very bobbly so its easy for Snipe to pop up and down , in and out of sight. So I covered the ground again and this time found 17 fantastic, some sitting out in the sun preening others having a doze and yet others busy feeding , and all looking beautiful in the sun with their marking showing  and being well highlighted I've said it before and I have to repeat myself, they really are the most beautiful bird.

Female Yellowhammer found with mixed flocks of finches that are around at the moment. 
 I'm doing a sort of PS. here to explain that when ever I write a blog I more often than not give the full names of any bird or animal that I mention. this may seem a bit old fashioned to the hard core of birders these days  but I try to think of our foreign visitors, as they may not be able to get their heads around the likes of Mipit and other such abbreviated versions.  Anyway just thought I would drop that in, lesson over enjoy.

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