Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Westies and Thacka flood

 As you can see this is the Westies having fun, tug-o-war over a plastic container. Second picture Kyfer wins, Third picture Misty saying please give it to me. She is 10 month old now and had her first trim, not a full cut as we just wanted her to get used to the noise of the machines. We took her up to Newton Rigg college where it gives the trainee groomers the chance to work on different breeds of dog. She has also had her first season , and wasn't that fun (not) keeping the pair of them apart. If we breed them it won't be till her third season.
 Now back to birding , up at the flood this morning pretty quiet really , 1 Kestrel, a few Black-headed gulls on the water, plus 100 Lapwings and another 150 flying over, and 7 Snipe maybe more hidden, its always a pleasure to watch them preening and feeding especially when the sun is shinning as it did this morning for a while.
       Unfortunatly it was looking very black towards the west and the Westies and I got home just before the the heavy rain set in for the rest of the day.

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