Monday, 30 November 2009

Water, Water

A day at home for the Westies as Mrs W and my self made our way down to Leighton Moss. The sun shone the whole day but there was a thin North wind blowing. We parked first in the lay-by near the causeway and headed for the public hide watching the grit trays on the way there and also on the return but no sign of Beardies, they could be heard occasionally pinging in the reeds but no sighting.

There was still water on the causeway and there was still signs it had flooded the hide a week ago. I have never seen so much water in the Leighton area. From the hide a good mix of duck, large flock of Greylag, one Cormorant and a good scattering of Coot, 2 Buzzard circling at a distance , and that was about it. Next we made our way to the centre for a warming cup of coffee before checking the feeders and Lilians hide. as can be seen from the pics the was a good mix of birds on the feeders as well as the usual scavengers below the feeders eg. Mallard, Pheasant, and 2 not so welcome guests grey squirrels.

Next we made our way over to the marsh hides , too much water for anything significant, and anything that was there was now struggling against a strengthening wind coming straight out of the North. We didn't stay too long before making our way back to the centre for warming soup and hot chocolate. We drove home to great sunsets and clear Sky's , frost tomorrow!!!.

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