Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Penrith Beacon , & Thacka flood

Climbing up the beacon by 8-45 this morning sun nice and warm with a slight breeze blowing. There is not usually a lot of activity on the beacon and this morning was no exception. I saw two Buzzards and heard two lots of Jays making their usual alarm racket. I generally walk the Eastern part of the beacon, which is nowhere near the main summit. It is planted mainly with Scots pine and quite open , with an under carpet of various types of heather, bilberry , some Gorse. If I go up the beacon I always take the Westies with me its a large area and they don't need to be on the lead, they always enjoy being up there , and its only occasionally we meet anyone else. Misty is still only 8 months old but has nearly caught up to Kyfer in size as can be seen.

Took a few fungi pics , if I've got the names wrong hopefully someone will put me right. After the beacon I had a look a the Thacka flood, still too much water so not a lot there, just a few Lapwings, half a dozen Blackheaded Gulls, two Lesser Black-Backed , and one Common Gull, and that was about it.
Fungi , Top. Stereum Gausapatum. middle, Marasmius Scorodonius. bottom, Calocera Viscosa.

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