Thursday, 4 June 2009

Leighton Moss

Half a day at Leighton Moss yesterday was a journey worth while. I parked up at the centre, then walked it back to the public hide on the causeway. I was just about to go into the hide when a movement caught my eye on the path just beyond the hide , it was a stoat. I was just reaching for my camera when it disappeared again. I waited for a while but nothing, so went into the hide. There was plenty to see but nothing out of the ordinary, so after a while I left. I had just stepped outside when the stoat appeared again, followed by another , then another, 6 in all, young. they played for quite some time , chasing each other rolling over themselves and generally having a great time. Now at the moment my Nikon is totally inadequate, having only the standard 18-55 m. lens (I am now saving for a long lens) hence the rubbish photos. I was also wishing I had my video camera with me , but you can't carry everything.
My day was already made as I made my way back up to the centre and report my finding and log it. After a short coffee break I made my way to the Eric Morecambe hide (possibly my favorite hide), My luck was in again , as there was still three Little Gulls showing well, and this was a first lifer for me.
So it was an enjoyable few hours, but not for the Westies as they stayed at home, this was a me day. All for now.

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