Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A hot day at Leighton Moss

A trip down the M6 today to see what if anything was on the move at Leighton. We had a look in at the public hide on the causeway first where we soon latched onto a female Marsh Harrier sitting in one of the dead trees, after a while she moved off to the right of the hide, then almost at the same time a male appeared carrying food . He entered the area where the female had been sitting, then suddenly a second female lifted up out of the reeds and for the first time (apart from on tv) we saw the food pass. The female came right under the male and with talons almost touching he passed the food to her and she disappeared into the reeds.

The Westies enjoy the walks but enjoy the puddles even more although if this weather continues we will be carrying even more water with us.

Lunch at Leighton was alfresco as the main dinning area is closed at the moment for refurbishment. we spent a bit of time in one of the hides at the centre before moving off to the Eric Morecambe hide. After parking the car we saw White Throat , then heard but couldn't find Lesser White Throat. also Goldfinches about. From the hide there was Spotted Red shank, Green shank , plus all the usual. We found an area that was covered in Scarlet Pimpernel (above) (sometimes quite allusive) and also Common spotted orchid , and a Speckled wood. A good day out and back home by 4-30

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