Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year to All my followers and anyone that may visit my pages.
    I don't get out much these days not having transport any more, but will post if ever I have anything  to share.
   All the best Gordon. 


  1. Hello,
    I wish you and yours all the best in 2018. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New year! I hope this new year brings good changes. I've missed your bird pics and hope you are well!

  3. Wishing you a great new year ahead and hope you enjoy many happy moments doing what you love!

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR Gordon. I hope you can out bird feeders up so you can watch the antic from the warmth of your house

  5. Happy New Year Gordon! We miss you but we understand. Take care!! Margaret in the comment above has a good idea. I would have to move somewhere else to bird if (or when) I lost my transportation -- we can't have feeders. I hope you are more fortunate.

  6. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello.

    1. Thankyou young Sir, much appreciated, all the best, Goron


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.