Friday, 27 September 2013

Wild harvest

Plodding around the patch yesterday afternoon in lovely sunshine, and finding only a few birds. I still put the lens to good use taking pics of the bountiful wild  harvest, fruit for the picking everywhere. There should be no shortage of winter food for the birds this year, as all the trees are laden, the wild apples are bending the branches there is so many.
Wild apples, some people call them crab apples, but these are not true crab apples as they grow much bigger.
Same tree, closer image.

Good crops of Hawthorn ready for the winter thrushes.

And yet another apple loaded tree.
Elder berries, The birds love them, so do the home wine makers.

Elder berries.

Fairy ring or a fungus, sometimes it is the Marasmius oreades fungus

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  1. Wow, fruit and berries certainly are plentiful! Hopefully the birds will be there soon to enjoy them! Great captures, Gordon!


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