Tuesday, 6 August 2013

When the sun shone

Small Tortoiseshell
Our butterflies have been showing well all over the country, from the Small Common Blue, and Scotch Argus, to the larger  Purple Emperor and Swallowtail. The sun of course makes all the difference, there is nothing butterflies like more than nice warm sun,(a bit like myself)

Small Tortoiseshell
And this was the case wandering round the patch the other day, the area was alive with this species in particular, so like a lot of birders when there is a drought as regards birding, our attention  turns to other things. so blogs all over the country have been posting photos of our butterflies.

This particular one is possibly one of our more commonest species.

And because of this is probably taken for granted, or overlooked in favour of something more exotic or rare,
But just look at this little beauty, even its colours shout out warm sunshine, its a little gem.


  1. It is a beauty! I haven't seen too many butterflies here this season.

  2. Thanks Karen, have you had poor weather perhaps?.
    Take care Gordon.

  3. Hi Gordon great shots of this beautiful butterfly.

  4. Beautiful shots of butterfly.

  5. The butterfly is absolutely beautiful!

  6. I'd never overlook such pure beauty. Nor the talent that captured it!

    Wonderful colors. I might have been a butterfly in a previous life (a brief one ;>)...because I too definitely feel better and more active on a sunny day!

    1. Yes join the club Sallie, and thank you for your comment,
      and the same to anyone that has taken the trouble to comment.
      All the best Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.