Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gulls and things on thin ice

Common Gull , crash landing on thin ice.
Greeted by a clear blue sky this morning, so lots of sun but also a frost so all the ponds had a layer if ice on them. It was thick enough to carry the wight of a gull but had to be careful they didn't fall through.

Two Herring Gulls.
On the main pond of the reserve there was quite a few gulls, three different species, Herring, Common, and Black-headed.

Quite a difference in size, Herring Gull, with 2 Black-headed gulls in front.

One section of a mixed group.

Common Gull preening.

ups I did say it was thin ice

Black-headed Gull in full summer plumage.

And it was nice to see a couple of Oystercatchers put in an appearance.

Slightly outnumbered, but it has back-up.

Got my mate now,

Who started to get a bit passionate, the ice and Gulls where not going to put him off.

Close by a trio of Woodpigeons where foraging near some sedge. and in the next instant this flew over---

Buzzard, the first I have seen anywhere near the reserve in a long time,

In another area of the reserve 2 Mallards where sharing the water with a pair of Moorhens, one of which could be collecting nesting material.

Snowdrops at the side of the top track, the first signs of Spring ?.

and in a horse paddock one of a few Rooks from a nearby rookery, these birds are early nesters.

And in yet another area of the reserve, a Heron, I wonder if it knows the frogs are gathering to spawn ,?

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