Sunday, 22 July 2012

Short-eared Owl

Well its been a while, but worth the Wait with 2 new additions to the patch list, and a year lister.
      There hasn't been a great deal about, combined with a prolonged spell of bad weather, and a severe bout of lethargy. Luckily John-the-birder has been keeping a constant vigil and has had some exiting patch sightings. Red kite a few weeks back, Osprey, also the first to find the Otter, and has had sightings of Red Deer.
        And then early Thursday morning I get a text from him --- seo-tbr. by the time I had shaken myself out of my lethargy and got my backside on sight there was no sign of said bird. A visit in the evening gave only brief sightings, and it wasn't until Friday morning that I finally got good views as it spent the early morning hunting over the reserve.

Short-eared Owl

Its studying the ground for prey.

fantastic eyes and markings

And just as I was leaving the reserve I saw a slight movement in the tall grass by the pond and turned just in time to see this----

Roe Deer just before it

 melted away into the undergrowth, leaving me with just a couple of lucky photos.

A Stock Dove, one of a few that has been around the reserve.

And I couldn't resist this Blackbird in the early morning sun.

And while all this was going on at ground level, this was floating overhead-----

Good morning for ballooning
Also Thursday evening Roy found a Whinchat, another first for the reserve, unfortunately it was too far away for pics and even my record shots ain't worth posting.


  1. Wow, the Short eared Owl is just magnificent1 Those eyes are so dramatic and piercing~I'll trade you 50 Osprey for one glimpse of that beauty:) Glad you were able to shake that lethargy; Cheers Gordon!

  2. Thanks Tammy, yes what a find, I never could have dreamed of seeing one of these so close to home, and only my 3rd siighting in a life time.
    All the best Gordon.


A big thank you to everyone for looking in and leaving their comments, much appreciated, Gordon.