Thursday, 17 March 2011

On our feeding wall this morning

Female Chaffinch

Just a selecton of visitors to our feeding wall. My self and nabours put the food out and it attracts a modest selection of birds.

Female Blackbird

Female Blckbird
  These are just a few that was about this morning, others were Collared Dove, Blue Tit, and Starling.

Male Chaffinch

Hedge Sparrow (Dunnock)

                                        Pair of Hedge Sparrow

I took the Westies out first thing and just as I got out of the car John pull up in his, He had come to see if the Pintail was still about as he has not had a chance to see it till this mornng. Luckily it was on full view although for a while it had its head tucked in.
           Talking to Steve yesterday he had seen a Dunlin on the new ponds (Thacka beck Nature Reserve) so I drove round there before heading home. There was no sign this morning, mind its a big area and a small bird, so could easy be hidden. There was a couple of  Lesser Black-backed Gulls about, they were on the flash yesterday, also a Moorhen on the new area, and 2 Lapwings. This use to be the their breeding patch so hopefully they are moving back in.

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