Saturday, 20 February 2010

Out West 2

                                  Dunnock singing its little heart out
                              Another bird wearing a ring

                                  And now the down beat

Had to make the most of the weather today as the outlook for the weekend doesn't look too clever, so it was off to the West coast again in fantastic sunshine and  a clear blue sky. I made my way to Siddick pond as I havn't been there for a while. The small pond was 90% ice , a couple of Swans and a few Mallard keeping the last bit open.There was a mixed flock of gulls on the ice , mainly Blackheaded, also a Heron walking about at the far side too far away for a decent pic.
             Next I moved on to the big pond, and the first thing I clapped eyes on was two more Swans and Two pair of Goldeneye. As I made my way along the path there was Dunnock, Great & Blue tits and Chaffinch.
             On the rest of the big pond (froze over in places ) there was a good mix of Mallard and Teal with more Goldeneye and more Swans at least one of which was a Whooper.
            On the way home I called at the Dubwath reserve , just a few of the usual on the feeders. But on the beck again I found the Dipper , but the pics I got were poor because of  low light. A good day out though. 

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